Monday, 8 July 2013


What should someone who hates being sticky and hot wear on the hottest day of the year? A SILVER LEATHER SKIRT!

I dug out these Topshop flat Mary-Janes the other day - I bought them from the sale about three years ago when I worked in the Sheffield store and knew I loved them so kept them with me throughout various moves, but never really found anything to wear them with. Then Christopher Kane came and changed my life (almost) with his silvery iridescent accessories, and there they were, waiting for me! So I was already way on a silver streak. Then I accidentally fell into H&M on the way back from the park on Saturday and found THIS bad boy. I love leather skirts - they go with everything. I also now love silver. It was like the H&M stars aligned and made this skirt THREE POUNDS. Yes, yes they did.

It being several thousand degrees outside, a silver skirt needs some breathability. I did attempt it with a shirt (which is how I'll probably wear it in future - crisp cotton shirt with a statement necklace) but I caved and went for a cotton t-shirt from Topshop via eBay. I love this top - it says 'bisous' on it (which means 'kisses') and is a really nice faded charcoal colour. Luckily it goes with most stuff so is ideal for hot sticky days. I chucked on a silver necklace from Matalan and my favourite Joomi Lim bracelet which was a parting gift from my friend before she moved to Miami. I hadn't really known that much about Joomi Lim before I got this bracelet from Matches but it's beautiful. I did take it off halfway through the day as I was scared of losing it during the Wimbledon excitement pulling a Kim Sears fistpump!

This wasn't my favourite outfit of the week but it was fun for the sunshine and the silver skirt deserved a chance to serve its original purpose as tinfoil...

Top - Topshop, eBay - £4
Skirt - H&M - £3
Shoes - Topshop - £20
Necklace - Matalan - £8
Glastonbury Canvas Bag - £3
TOTAL - £38

(+ bracelet - £225)