Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sardo Cucina

As I can't seem to keep money in my purse for longer than, ooh, nine days, if I want to go somewhere nice I have to go pretty sharpish post-payday. So, as we're lucky enough to live in Fitzrovia, sometimes it's nice to explore the little kitchens and cafes around and about. Last night, we wanted to go to Honey & Co, but as usual it was packed to the rafters... so we ventured a little further down the road toward Warren Street station and popped into Sardo Cucina.

An offshoot of the acclaimed Sardo restaurant (which isn't far away - it's next door), Sardo Cucina is a smaller, more relaxed atmosphere. We sat outside and though it's not the glorious sunshine I'd like for late June, it was warm... which, when teamed with some seasoned fresh olives (not for me 'cause I think they're gross but they add to the feel) and some freshly baked sourdough bread (carbs, I can get on board with) - if I closed my eyes I could pretend I was sunning myself in Tropea! 

The bread and beer were mine...

Anyway, as we went straight after work I was in my boring clothes. For work, it's hard because some mornings I am like 'be professional' and some mornings I'm like 'sod it. Wear that leather skirt if you want to.' Seriously, that old adage - dress for the job you want not the job you have? Well I seem to want to be either a demanding toddler, a preppy sixties teenager or a Nirvana groupie. Today, I was doing quite well for myself - preppy sixties teenager erring on the side of professional.

So today, I was wearing a Topshop dress that I got a couple of weeks ago, brand new with tags, from eBay for £4.60. I was very upset to buy this dress with cap sleeves and then find out they'd bought out a mid-sleeve version. I love a good sleeve - what is the deal with cap sleeves? So painful to lift your arms above about 60degrees away from the body... Anyway I digress, Alexa Chung wore that version last week and Topshop have miraculously bought it back in stock, at least into the Oxford Street store (the Chung effect is ridiculous) so you can grab it for about £40.
Gratuitous boob shot.

It's got teeny tiny gloriously dainty embroidery of forget-me-nots and hearts, teamed with a saccharine sweet little black peter pan collar. If that makes you feel a bit sickly - as it does me - I also wore my super bargain strappy wannabe-grunge Topshop ankle boots from the last post because I just pretty much never let them leave my feet any more, and chucked on my favourite Acne leather jacket because there's nothing in the world it doesn't go with and make look...better. If nonchalance was an item of clothing, it would be this jacket (wow, there's a pretentious sentence...). I couldn't resist my hairbow today either. I try and keep it to a minimum but I love it so much...

Anyway, that's what I did with my Tuesday. How about you? x

Dress - £4.60 - Topshop via eBay
Hair bow - £1 - Portobello Market
Jacket - God Knows - Acne