Sunday, 23 June 2013

ready to start

I figured it was about time I actually did something productive with the blog so... I managed to rope in
Louis and armed with his fancy camera we went round to Fitzroy Square to take some photos of my new favourite eBay buys!
Virginia Woolf and George Bernard Shaw lived here, we have some fancy neighbours.

I had been after a paisley shirt to wear for a while, mainly to go under dungarees. All of the ones in charity shops in Marylebone were either hideously oversized or in a gross ochre colour - so I turned to eBay, because shopping in proper shops is for losers. This shirt is from New Look a while back, and has a really teeny tiny red paisley pattern which is AMAZING for layering as it's not too overpowering.

Despite it being June, it's hideously cold so unfortunately this 'winter staple' has been wheeled out a few months early! I teamed it with my favourite vintage velvet navy skirt that I got from Barnados in Stoke (charity shops outside of London are a hundred times better than ones here as there's a stigma in shopping there, and trends tend to hit a little later so if you know what to look for you can really drop on! When I head home, my favourites are in Bakewell...). This skirt goes with everything, and is a really flattering slightly A-line shape which hides my generous booty. It makes me feel like Francoise Hardy! 

Due to the cold, I also had to crack out the coats and knitwear about four months too early - this Topshop coat was bought on eBay whilst I was at uni for about £10. My friends call it my Zooey coat, it's undeniably twee and covered in red bows and piping, but the boxy swing shape is really flattering, and teamed with my favourite cashmere tartan scarf from a charity shop in Marylebone (£3) looks like something Madeline would wear on a daytrip to the Champs Elysees. To add to the Parisian-meets-London theme I added in my trusty Chanel 2.55. 

These boots are the reason I wanted to write this post - they're my eBay buy of the month! They're Topshop, and were £85 new and still unworn in the box when I got them for under a tenner including p&p! I got them a fortnight ago and have worn them every day - they look better with jeans or bare legs than they do here but it was too cold! They're kind of 90s which is great because I am not yet warm to this revival so I at least look like I'm paying SOME attention - but they're just the most flattering cut and they make every outfit look like I've at least tried...

Whilst we were out, I was reading Gone Girl - I know I'm a year behind everyone else in the world but seriously it was incredible. Nobody was allowed to speak to me whilst I was reading it. No spoilers but good lord - the ending made me want to tear it to shreds!!! You will know what I mean if you've read it...
Rumour has it that Reese Witherspoon and David Fincher are signed up to make the film - if they ruin it I'm going to go all [CENSORED - NO SPOILERS] on their ass...

Anyway, that was my first proper blog post. It had a puppy in it and everything.


Shirt - New Look, eBay - £4
Skirt - Vintage, Charity Shop - £3
Coat - Topshop, eBay - £10
Boots - Topshop, eBay - £8
Scarf - Vintage, Charity Shop - £3
TOTAL - £28