Monday, 8 July 2013

Regent's Park

On Saturday, the weather was beautiful, so off we went to Regent's Park to take a picnic, read a book, play football (not me) and generally do that whole British Summer thing. We didn't take the camera to the park as football + beer + camera would probably spell disaster.

I really struggle with dressing for the summer - I'm not sure if it's my pasty skin or my general dislike for bright colours but it is just not my time to shine. I tend to stick with basics in the summer as I have the patience of a thirsty gnat and if anything is tight/sweaty/restricting it makes me turn into a total frizzy haired monster.

The other week I saw this top on eBay and decided that I MUST HAVE IT, because it totally looks like something Cher from Clueless would pick from her magic wardrobe. It's half 60s, half 90s, which is my favourite way to go. It's a really dark green and navy check, with a big pointy collar and a zip down the middle. It's apparently a dress - but unless you're 5 foot 1, there's nae chance. So I dug out my favourite navy velvet skirt that I got from a Charity Shop in Stoke (see earlier posts!) and put that over it - Velvet + Navy Tartan + Collar = a wintery summer look. Which is exactly where I'm happiest.

In a move that will shock - I teamed it with my black Topshop strappy boots (TRANSITIONAL BOOTS ALERT) and handbag, and even a preppy bow in my hair. This outfit is about as cliched me as it could get. I promise to try and stop being so boring.

Top - Topshop, eBay - £4
Skirt - Vintage, Charity Shop - £3
Boots - Topshop, eBay - £8
Hairbow - Market - £1
TOTAL - £16