Saturday, 6 July 2013


I have been really bad since last week. I promised to myself I'd post at least twice a week - but didn't post once. Tut tut.

Anyway I was kind of spending my time productively last weekend (more productively than watching reruns of Criminal Minds as I usually do) so here's a little peek of what I got up to...

Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to get some freebie tickets for Hard Rock Calling with my lovely friend Gemma. The weather was laaavly and the atmosphere was amazing. I haven't been to a festival this year (sob) so it was nice to go for a day and be able to shower at the end of it! We saw Kasabian who were actually much better than expected, as well as Klaxons, The Cribs, Miles Kane (partying like it's 2008) and Paul Weller. Who has aged worse than...well I don't know but he should ditch the peroxide.

On Sunday, I had a slight change of pace as my mum, sister, and pretty much entire family descended on London to see our Stoke homeboy Robbie Williams sell out Wembley Stadium. I wasn't sure what to expect, since last time I saw him he was riding round on stage on a remote controlled toilet basin, and the start was pretty shaky to say the least. But after his...rider...wore off, he was back on form and it was amazing fun to see him do all of his old classics. And have a cheeky little dig at Mr Gallagher... there was also a bit of a weird repeated motif of his (rather plumped up) face. All in all, it was really good fun and I had a lovely weekend with my mum, with a cheeky trip to Wimbledon and Marylebone on the Monday. But maybe the 'okie dokie blokey from Stokey' should step away from the Cokey...

Anyway - back to our regular scheduled programming shortly.