Saturday, 29 June 2013


Sometimes all you really want is a filthy dirty hotdog. Other times, you want something a little more refined. Not very often, it must be said, but sometimes! Having champagne AND hotdogs in one menu when you're as indecisive as I am meant it was only a matter of time before I became a Bubbledogs disciple...

Living in Fitzrovia means going to Bubbledogs is less of a choice and more of an inevitability... but it didn't start off great. After queueing for twenty minutes, which we completely expected with this whole no-bookings fad that's sweeping every restaurant and pop-up bar within the M25, a couple walked to the front of the queue, jumped it in front of everybody and got a table. Those who know me at all will know that reeeeeeally ground my gears, especially when I was staaaaarving... but luckily, we were paired with a very lovely couple from Skegness onto a table of four and it all worked out for the best!

I ordered the pork BLT, which is a pork hotdog wrapped in bacon, caramelised lettuce and truffle mayonnaise. It was DELICIOUS (especially when teamed with tater tots and canned cheese - surprisingly amazing!) though I couldn't finish it all... After a glass of rose champagne, I was ready to roll (literally) home. We did try to take some photos but apparently 'the lighting was terrible' (!) and it didn't really have an atmosphere where you'd be comfortable cracking out the flash... so use your imagination or perv on this less pretty shot I half-heartedly instagrammed! There's a reason I don't take the photos...

Never being one to dress suitably, for the piggiest day of the week, I decided to wear a leather studded skirt and polo neck. Not the best outfit for gorging on hotdogs but whatever. This skirt was from Glastonbury (sob) two years ago, it said it was vintage and was from a vintage stall but it was a BIG FAT FIB! Turns out it's actually, believe it or not, from Matalan's Be Beau range. It is real leather though which is fairly surprising... it's actually amazingly versatile. I prefer to wear it like this with a thin cashmere or cotton poloneck to make it less Pretty Woman... it's also great for me as it's got an almost 60s vibe with the slight A-line cut but doesn't make me look like I'm wearing fancy dress as I sometimes feel in (real) vintage pieces. This J Crew turtleneck is so soft, miraculously it stops that neck-tugging annoyance and constriction that I have found with others! It's still on the site in purple but is out of stock at the minute. I got it from eBay for £5.20 which was a super bargain, I know it'll be hanging round my wardrobe for many, many seasons.

Standard bag choice and I'm usually a total shoe fiend, but these Topshop boots go with everything... think I need to shake it up a bit! I have some glitter loafers arriving shortly though, so back with our regular scheduled programme of completely inappropriate I just need that acid yellow Proenza bag and I can stop being a total dullard!

ANYWAY - I'd give Bubbledogs a 7/10. It's great fun and everyone should definitely go once, but for the queue and the almost-but-not-quite stuffy atmosphere, it's not an everyday place.

Tissue Turtleneck Tee in Black - J Crew - £34.24 (or eBay for £5.20)
Black Leather studded mini-skirt - Vintage via Matalan - £5
Topshop Strappy Boots - as before
Chanel 2.55 - as before