Monday, 29 July 2013


This is not a proper post and not a lovely shiny blog outfit - but we'd had a fairly dull weekend and after I'd nearly broken my foot at Benicassim (funnily enough, not a picture I'll be posting here!) I thought we deserved a picnic in the park!

Regent's Park is definitely my park of choice, being at the top of our road and just the prettiest public park in the vicinity (and of course, it was in 101 Dalmatians but that in no way influences my decision...). Unfortunately, the day I decide to become Betty Crocker and make a lovely wicker picnic was the day it decided to be HELLA GREY.

But never mind, with the best of British spirit, we marched on through the wind and went anyway. I took a caesar salad with some Thai fishcakes, some potato salad and a cheesecake (how much of that was bought straight from Sainsburys, I will not divulge) and of course some IPA as that's our new thing, and I fell straight for the sign that said PERFECT FOR PICNICS. Ever wonder who those drips are who fall for that? It's me.

This weather is impossible to dress for so I've found the only way to do it is to layer. I stuck on my trusty Topshop boots (I do own other shoes! Trust me...) with some 20 denier tights. The denier is important, regardless of what the men in your life will tell you. The devil is in the detail. I love this dress for its all-round appeal - I wear it to work with a sleeveless white shirt underneath and a statement necklace (I like to wear my creepy Kos seeing-eye necklace to keep it from looking too prim) but on days like this, I just wear it on it's own, all pinafore dinner-lady like, quite apt for when I'm dishing out the potato salad. It has a natty leather pocket though to stop it from becoming TOO hairnet.

I love this hat and everybody else hates it, which obviously just makes me want to wear it more. This was a brave move (it blew away at one point) - I've been considering ways to tie some elastic round it to wear under my hair. Is this too far?!

Anyway - boring outfit, slightly boring post, lovely food. And I like these pictures, they're a bit creepy with the grey skies...

Normal service will be resumed shortly.

Hat - Topshop, £25
Denim Dress - H&M via eBay, £5
Cardigan - Topshop, £32
Boots - as before
Bracelet - Primark, £3
Basket - La Fromagerie in Marylebone