Sunday, 24 March 2013

Valentino for Realz-O


Couldn't bring myself to wear some kind of hyper-fashiony AW13 Valentino look to work - I am lucky enough to work in a cool office but even they might bat eyelids at bare legs etc in this unseasonably cold March. I do however have a vintage raw silk black shift dress that has a white pointed collar and turn up cuffs. I love this dress - I bought it from Chinese Laundry in Hull a few months ago and it gets critically underworn because it is allergic to rain, snow, sleet...basically any weather that occurs in London in the autumn and winter.

I meant to post this two weeks ago...but...anyway - I went to the British Museum to subside the misery of being hundreds of miles from my mum on mother's day. Nothing makes me feel better like a Sarcophagus. So I decided to try out a lesser version of the Valentino look with this dress. I also thought the plait might be a step toward the fancy-dress, so I went for a slight beehive with a low ponytail. Obvs as I was heading toward Sixties territory I did heavy cat-eyeliner and nude lipstick; a trench coat, some vintage ankle boots and my favourite Chanel bag.

Usually anything that is not a shirt & jeans or an ass-flashing dress fails to raise any acknowledgment but I was actually told I looked nice which is a turn up for the books! I don't live for this kind of thing but the whole 'man repeller' aesthetic is not really my it was nice to hear...

Verdict on Valentino - I await the real thing but until then, I shall be wearing it like it's 1968...