Tuesday, 26 March 2013


There's some places I never admit to shopping to. Sometimes, I buy underwear from Marks & Spencer (and not even the Rosie HW stuff...the granny stuff...). Sometimes, I wander off in Asda and buy a bit of polyester crap from George. BUT occasionally a shop makes me wonder if I wrote it off prematurely.

This is one such occasion... welcome to the store that, if we're honest, we cringed at when our mums tried to buy us a polo shirt from for school. Yes. That blight of the retail park - Matalan. I was home for a few days a couple of weeks ago ill, and obviously I did what everyone else does in that situation - get sucked into daytime TV.

Someone from Look magazine was talking about Matalan. I didn't pay attention to what but after 48 hours of no human contact, googling Matalan was what I resorted to. I am so glad I did.

The yellow jacket would be six times more expensive from Zara. The paisley trousers are ridiculously good. JW Anderson would be proud. The jewellery is incredible (there is TONNES more on the website). The backpack is a festival staple. The boots are simply amazing and the shorts are actually cut at a flattering length (i.e not butt-exposing).

BUY IT. BUY IT ALL NOW. BUY ALLLLLL THE STUFF. I'll keep it quiet if you will......

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Stone & Chain Necklace - £10

Cross Drop Bracelet - £6

Ankle Boots - £22

Striped Shift Dress - £16

Tallulah Yellow Blazer - £25

Washed Linen Backpack - £12

Crochet Trim Denim Shorts - £12

Ladder Stitch Navy Top - £18

Paisley Trousers - £16