Sunday, 15 September 2013

An Ode to Primarni

I'm not remotely elitist when it comes to buying clothes. I don't ever really care where it's from so long as I like it. But admittedly, Primark has never been my first stop. Great spot to get basics - tights, socks, that kind of thing. But after seeing their AW lookbook I was hooked. I think it helped that I didn't know whose lookbook it was when I saw it - I genuinely thought it was going to be Zara or Reiss. Of course the styling is immaculate and the quality may not be great - but these kinds of things are called fast fashion for a reason. It's not eco-friendly, but so long as you just update your wardrobe and don't replace the entirety season after season, I'm all for cheap thrills...

(You can check out the rest of the lookbook here!)

This lookbook has been out for ages so you may have already seen it - but aside from Vogue editors and Australians, who actually wants to buy winter wear in August? NOBODY. So I'm writing about it now, when normal people are actually buying it.

Just to clarify - I LOVE Winter clothes. I look weird in mini-dresses sans tights and vests (though I find vests mainly just gross)... I digress. So I was so excited for the new season drops in stores, and for the first time ever, I found myself checking into Primark on Oxford Street pretty much daily. I still haven't got what I was looking for (THAT baby pink Miu-Miu knock-off coat and the amazeballs hot pink Versace safety-pin kilt skirt - yamma yamma) but I got some cracking buys in the meantime!

I can't actually believe I got some of my new season staples for less than a tenner. But I did. Whaw. Here's what I got from Primark...

I'm all about the Clueless-chic - I never quite got over it so I'm just glad it's acceptable again. These fluffy mini-jumpers are £8 each and are just the best. I also got it in turquoise which looks incredible with some iridescent jewellery - but the black one is obviously the most versatile, and as pink is 'the colour of the season' (barf) I thought I'd pay Vogue's Delevingne/Pink love-in some heed. I haven't gone so far as to wear it with a long sleeved shirt but maybe. One day. When I'm a bit braver. The black embroidered number was a total heart-skipping moment when I saw it (YES I am that sad). From a distance it could be Christopher Kane. Up close, it's a bit of a Monet - feels a little scratchy and the embroidery isn't quite Kane-standard, but hey, it was £12. COME ON!

Continuing the Clueless, sassy vibessssss, I bought some trousers that either my mum in the early 90s or my nan today would be proud of. My favourites are the tartan ones - I've worn them with a turtleneck for proper granny-chic. Louis hates it. I love it. Man Repeller status +1.

These are just essentially replicas of what I already own - but that I wear constantly. I'm lucky enough to work in an office where people don't mind if I wear a leather mini-skirt (or maybe they do but don't tell me...) so I take a liberty and wear them as often as possible. Polka-dot and checked shirts are my 'can't-be-bothered' staples to look like I've made an effort, and any pair of shoes that look like Clarks circa 2002 are GREAT by me. Glory days.

So yeah. How do I love thee, Primark? Let me count the ways...