Saturday, 22 June 2013

Woe is me. Topshop Sale meets Glastonbury.

So as its the Topshop sale, and I just wouldn't be a real female if I denied that those two words bought a flutter of mild panic into my heart (namely because the three years that I worked there, it was only ever the sale that rendered my fingers bloody and sore for a fortnight after - treat those ladies kindly). Anyway, so as its the Topshop sale, and as its Glastonbury next week (I don't want to talk about it), I thought I'd do an imaginary 'what would I be panic buying on Oxford Street on Tuesday?'

Well. This.

I would undeniably take sandals as the eternal optimist would refuse to believe it would be welly weather all weekend. These babies would be perfect with some lace socks...

The little dress is amazing for £18. The jacquard fabric is sturdy enough to withstand some festival commotion and wee showers whilst trying to catch Alex Turner's eye (don't lie), and obviously the denim jacket (£30) is a totally uninspired move but PRACTICAL. My least favourite word but completely necessary in those conditions. My favourite bit of the look though is that badass red leather backpack. £40 and suuuuuuper soft, it would be the best festival companion you could ask for - won't need a wee, won't need a beer, will hold all of your stuff forever and a day AND look cool.

So now I have my Glastonbury blues out... You can buy all of this shizz here